"When I'm Gone" 

Another new one for you...early Eagles meet the Old Crow...some feel good music from the upcoming new project...

"Company Man" 

This one's for the working man...the maverick...the non-conformist...the free spirit...

Jamboree In The Hills 2015 

Our 8th year at the legendary Jamboree In The Hills festival in Morristown, OH was the best ever! Me and the fellas played two blazing shows on the main stage in front of thousands including the kickoff party with Sammy Kershaw.  Had the opportunity to watch Skynyrd from side stage where my beloved '91 Damn Yankees tour t-shirt caught the eye of current Skynyrd and former DY drummer Michael Cartellone.  Roamed through the masses hanging with friends old and new...and spent way too much time playing the old school Donkey Kong machine that was backstage.  Here's to ya Jambo...we love you!

Ways of the Road EP available now!! 

Been a long time comg but happy to announce that the brand spankin' new Ways of the Road EP is avail in the "store" section now!  Five songs worth of farm to table southern rock, americana, country featuring "Ways of the Road," "Screw That Town," "Chasing A Song," "Keeping Up With The Jones," "Put It In A Bottle" and some badass artwork.  

Buy Now

Jamboree In The Hills 

Gonna stop & holler at Jamboree In The Hills in Morristown, OH once again this year..catch us Wednesday at the official pre-party 8pm and again on the main stage Friday 4:15pm.

Pittsburgh, PA 

Still buzzing from a fantastic show with Elizabeth Cook the other night at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh.  Sold out!!  Nothing better than playing for an audience that gives a shit about hearing the songs you make up.  And Elizabeth is just the real deal...that elusive combo of raw talent and fearlessness...


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